“Lifting Burdens: The Atonement of Jesus Christ,”

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Step 2 - Hope

Come to believe that the power of God can restore you to complete spiritual health.

Addiction tends to strip the addict of Hope. If they believed in God before their addiction, they feel that they have disappointed God, and those who have grown up without a knowledge of God certainly had nothing to grasp on to for Hope. Step two teaches us that if we will turn to God, we can find Hope through the atonement of Jesus Christ. The scriptures tell us that God loves the sinner but hates the sin.

Reaching out for help is a humbling experience. Hope can be discovered in the LDS Addiction Recovery meetings. Men and Women honestly and openly describe what their lives had been like, and what had changed them, and what it was like to live in recovery from addiction. Many people who attend the meetings once felt hopeless, but now they are attending meetings, praying, reading scriptures and writing in their recovery journals.

Satan has so many tools and he wants to drag anyone down to his level who will open a door even just alittle. Once he has them in his snare, he feeds them with despair, hopelessness, and takes many with him to the brink of destruction.

God on the other hand is there waiting at the door for you to reach and open it. He won't force you, but waits patiently for you to use your agency and reach out to him for Hope. Heavenly Father provided the entire world Hope though the Atonement of his son Jesus Christ. This hope can heal sin, or the strongest addiction but you have to humble yourself and reach out to Him. The above art is a depiction of Christ at the door. Notice that there is no handle on the outside of the door. The reason is because it is up to you to grasp hold of the handle and open up the door and let him in, or not.

Addiction Recovery meetings are held all over the world. They cost nothing to attend, and everyone including non LDS are welcome. You don't need an appointment, you can just find a meeting and show up. There are no judgements made, and what is shared in the meetings stays there. You will receive a message on the weekly study steps and will have opportunity to share or listen to the participants share their stories of how the steps have helped them in their lives to deal with their addictions.

It is my testimony that there is hope in healing through the Addiction Recovery Program. You can find it by going to,11666,6629-1-3414-1,00.html Scroll down the page to find a support meeting in your area. You can even download the Addiction Recovery Guide and print it off, or you can get one by attending a meeting.

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Hope ya know we had a hard time

This is a great video for everyone to view. There isn't anyone who gets out of this life with out experiencing some challenges, hurts, sorrows, and all manner of adversities.

Beautiful and inspiring video of Hope - music "Broken" by Kenneth Cope

Kenneth Cope - Broken

[via FoxyTunes / Kenneth Cope]

Broken by Kenneth Cope - Broken clouds give rain. Broken soil grows grain. Broken bread feeds man for one more day. Broken storms yield light. Break of day heals night. Broken pride turns blindness into sight. Broken souls that need His mending. Broken hearts for offering. Could it be that God loves broken things? Broken chains set free. Broken swords bring peace. Broken walls make friends of you and me. To break the ranks of sin. To break the news of Him. To put on Christ ‘til his name feels broken in. Broken souls that need His mending. Broken hearts for offering. I believe that God loves broken things. And yet our broken faith, our broken promises Sent love to the cross. And still that broken flesh, that broken heart of His Offers us a trace and mercy, covers us with love undeserving.

Come to Jesus and Live - Kenneth Cope

Come to Jesus by Kenneth Cope

[via FoxyTunes / Kenneth Cope]

Do you need some inspiration to get clean and sober?

Please view this very inspirational video clip of Nick (below), who from his outward appearance seems to have nothing to offer or live for. BUT.. when you watch it you will see that his positive attitude and outlook on what he has been given to deal with in life, should inspire you to want to make your life better.

Quoting from the video, Nick says that with trials, "It is not the end, it matters how you finnish... are you going to finnish strong? You will find the strength to get back up".

I hope you will find the hope to help yourself with your addiction, because as you look around, there is always someone who has it worse off than you . Is the way you are currently dealing with your life life the way that God meant for you to liv? Nick has learned from his challenges, and is making something out of his life. How about you? Pick yourself up by your boot straps and conquer your addiction. You can do it and must do it because living with addiction isn't the quality of life that God planned for you. Heavenly Father wants you to be happy and you can be just as happy as you choose to be.

This clip is not a part of the Addiction Recovery Program but one that I found that I felt personally could touch your heart.
I also don't know what the language is that is shown at the bottom of the video clip, so disregard it, just listen to the inspirational message that Nick offers. ... Also you may need to have some tissue handy.

So you have fallen? Well get back up! Enjoy this inspirational video.