“Lifting Burdens: The Atonement of Jesus Christ,”

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Step 5 - Confession

The key principle of Step 5, Confession, is “Admit to yourself, to your Heavenly Father in the name of Jesus Christ, to proper priesthood authority, and to another person the exact nature of your wrongs.”

Step 5 is perhaps one of the most difficult steps to take in the addiction recovery program. It is natural to feel fear and an unwillingness to bear our souls in the confession of sins. However, peace and joy can again come into our lives through this cleansing process and through the “miracle of forgiveness.”

The first step in confession is to confess our sins to our Father in Heaven. In the Doctrine and Covenants we read the following: “I, the Lord, forgive sins unto those who confess their sins before me and ask forgiveness.” D&C 64:7

We must always remember that our Heavenly Father lives and is literally the father of our spirits. He loves us unconditionally and knows our name. Confessing our sins to a loving, caring Father in Heaven begins the process of making positive changes in our lives and gives us courage and strength to eventually confess to another person.

We all have a duty to confess our sins to our Heavenly Father; however more serious transgressions must also be confessed to proper priesthood leaders, usually the Bishop. Only the Lord can forgive our sins, but confidential confessing of sins to a priesthood leader plays a critical role in the process of repentance. Our priesthood leaders have been called of God and are blessed with loving discernment and inspiration in counseling with us. Our priesthood leaders usually understand the addiction recovery process, will prayerfully counsel with us, and will respond with understanding and compassion. We must remember to be humble, honest and fully open with our priesthood leaders.

“Confess your faults one to another, and pray one for another, that ye may be healed.” James 5:16

We must use care and wisdom in selecting a person other than our priesthood leaders to share our wrongs. We must not share our sensitive information with individuals we might suspect might extend improper guidance, provide misinformation or have difficulty maintaining confidences.

I testify that through properly and fully confessing our sins, we will receive a greater knowledge of God’s love for us and the love and support of many good people who will rally around us. We can take courage in the following statement of President Spencer W. Kimball,

“Repentance can never come until one has bared his soul and admitted his actions without excuses or rationalizations…Those persons who choose to meet the issue and transform their lives may find repentance the harder road at first, but they will find it the infinitely more desirable path as they taste of its fruits.”

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Hope ya know we had a hard time

This is a great video for everyone to view. There isn't anyone who gets out of this life with out experiencing some challenges, hurts, sorrows, and all manner of adversities.

Beautiful and inspiring video of Hope - music "Broken" by Kenneth Cope

Kenneth Cope - Broken

[via FoxyTunes / Kenneth Cope]

Broken by Kenneth Cope - Broken clouds give rain. Broken soil grows grain. Broken bread feeds man for one more day. Broken storms yield light. Break of day heals night. Broken pride turns blindness into sight. Broken souls that need His mending. Broken hearts for offering. Could it be that God loves broken things? Broken chains set free. Broken swords bring peace. Broken walls make friends of you and me. To break the ranks of sin. To break the news of Him. To put on Christ ‘til his name feels broken in. Broken souls that need His mending. Broken hearts for offering. I believe that God loves broken things. And yet our broken faith, our broken promises Sent love to the cross. And still that broken flesh, that broken heart of His Offers us a trace and mercy, covers us with love undeserving.

Come to Jesus and Live - Kenneth Cope

Come to Jesus by Kenneth Cope

[via FoxyTunes / Kenneth Cope]

Do you need some inspiration to get clean and sober?

Please view this very inspirational video clip of Nick (below), who from his outward appearance seems to have nothing to offer or live for. BUT.. when you watch it you will see that his positive attitude and outlook on what he has been given to deal with in life, should inspire you to want to make your life better.

Quoting from the video, Nick says that with trials, "It is not the end, it matters how you finnish... are you going to finnish strong? You will find the strength to get back up".

I hope you will find the hope to help yourself with your addiction, because as you look around, there is always someone who has it worse off than you . Is the way you are currently dealing with your life life the way that God meant for you to liv? Nick has learned from his challenges, and is making something out of his life. How about you? Pick yourself up by your boot straps and conquer your addiction. You can do it and must do it because living with addiction isn't the quality of life that God planned for you. Heavenly Father wants you to be happy and you can be just as happy as you choose to be.

This clip is not a part of the Addiction Recovery Program but one that I found that I felt personally could touch your heart.
I also don't know what the language is that is shown at the bottom of the video clip, so disregard it, just listen to the inspirational message that Nick offers. ... Also you may need to have some tissue handy.

So you have fallen? Well get back up! Enjoy this inspirational video.